TransforMesh, MeshHOG and MVViewer

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Andrei Zaharescu / Edmond Boyer / Radu Horaud
PERCEPTION Team, INRIA - Grenoble Rhone-Alpes

All the software on this page is open-source software (OSS). It falls under GPL, i.e., the general public license. Hence, use of any of the packages distributed here require a license agreement for all users.

You can freely obtain the source files (written in C/C++) via SVN from this page.

Publications using any part of this work should should cite the appropriate references, available below.

TransforMesh: A Self-Intersection Removal Package for Triangular Meshes

Description: TransforMesh is a C++ library that provides a mesh-based solution to surface evolution. It takes as input a proper mesh together with a displacement field and it outputs a proper deformed mesh. In order to ensure consistent mesh deformations, it robustly handles topology changes and removes self-intersections. Some of the applications include mesh morphing and multi-view stereo reconstructions.

Requirements: CGAL 3.3

Examples of self-intersection removal using TransforMesh.

TransforMesh: a topology-adaptive mesh-based approach to surface evolution

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More details can found in the PhD. thesis of Andrei Zaharescu:

Contributions to Spatial and Temporal 3-D Reconstruction from Multiple Cameras

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Topology-Adaptive Mesh Deformation for Surface Evolution, Morphing, and Multi-View Reconstruction
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MeshHOG & MeshDOG: An Interest Point Detector & Descriptor for Triangular Meshes

Description: This is a C++ implementation of a 3D feature detector (MeshDOG) and a 3D feature descriptor (MeshHOG) for uniformly triangulated meshes, invariant to changes in rotation, translation, and scale. The descriptor is able to capture the local geometric and/or photometric properties in a succinct fashion. Moreover, the method is defined generically for any scalar function, e.g., local curvature.

Requirements: TransforMesh (easily removable if required)

Example showing how feature detection method can be applied to any scalar function deļ¬ned over a 2-D manifold such as the meshed surface shown here: photometric data (a) and associated points of interest (b); mean surface curvature (c) and the detected features (d).

Surface Feature Detection and Description with Applications to Mesh Matching

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MVViewer: A Multi-Camera and Mesh Viewer

Description: This is a OpenGL/C++ implementation of Multi-Camera and Mesh viewer. The viewer takes as input the images(most formats), the camera projection matrices (3x4 matrices) and a mesh (in OFF/COFF format). While being a fairly simplistic viewer, it still allows one to enable wireframe mode, control the shading mode, draw the mesh normals. In addition, it benefits from some of the implemented features in the Mesh class from the TransforMesh project, being able to display curvature information, or allowing the user to perform self-intersection removal of a provided mesh. It is also useful in displaying / finding a particular vertex / facet id.

Requirements: TransforMesh, Qt 4.x, libQGLViewer

Example of visualizing a 3-D dataset. The mesh is shown using the mean curvature.

Inquiries should be addressed to cooperz AT gmail DOT com

Future announcements such as software releases will be communicated via this web site.

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